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Vanilla Bean Body Butter


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Creamy warm vanilla and rich caramel hints induce nostalgic memories that instantly relaxes and comforts- leaving your body scented all over. The conditioning oil combinations of jojoba seed, sweet almond and vitamin E, help to achieve hydrated, nourished and protected skin.


  • Top Notes: Vanilla Bean
  • Middle Notes: Warm Caramel
  • Base Notes: Soft Cream


VIRGIN ORGANIC SHEA NUT BUTTER — The ultimate moisture magnet! Shea Butter deeply penetrates and works to quickly soften and smooth skin

SWEET ALMOND OIL — A hero for sensitive skin, this lightweight oil is primed with anti-inflammatory properties that calms and soothes irritation resulting in improved complexion and even tone.

JOJOBA OIL — Also known as the great defender! Jojoba oil is hailed for amazing qualities such as: protection from free-radicals, improved elasticity and hydration while boosting collagen.

VITAMIN E — A skincare staple that prevents dehydrated skin and seals moisture. Vitamin E secures around-the-clock hydration creating a luminous glow.

FRAGRANCE AND/OR ESSENTIAL OILS — Signature aromatic scents that distinguishes your aura and demands attention. Our scented fragrances remind you that you are the main attraction…

SIZE: 6 oz.


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