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Coco Mango Body Oil


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Ready for an unforgettable silky-smooth experience? Our Coco Mango Body Oil evokes your senses with milky coconut and sweet mango fragrance. The deliciously sweet aroma mesmerizes and promises to leave lasting impressions.


  • TOP: Mango + Pineapple
  • MIDDLE: Goji Berry 
  • BASE: Coconut Milk


SAFFLOWER SEED OIL — Strengthens the skin barrier and retains moisture to eradicate dry skin.

ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL — A carrier oil powerhouse with serious benefits! Sunflower Oil is packed with skin-friendly compounds and rich in vitamin E.

GRAPE SEED OIL — Promotes improved hydration, moisture and elasticity to redefine and balance skin texture resulting in poreless appearing skin.

ORGANIC SHEA NUT OIL — Rejuvenates skin for an agelessly beautiful appearance and healthy sheen.

VITAMIN E — A skincare staple that prevents dehydrated skin and seals moisture. Vitamin E secures around-the-clock hydration creating a luminous glow.

FRAGRANCE AND/OR ESSENTIAL OILS — Signature aromatic scents that distinguishes your aura and demands attention. Our scented fragrances remind you that you are the main attraction…

SIZE: 4 fl. oz.