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Tropical Body Butter


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Creamy whipped blend of exotic fruits complimented by white jasmine fragrance, our Tropical Body Butter exudes year-round vacation vibes reminiscent of pool-side Mai Tai cocktails. This botanical creamy blend moisturizes and rejuvenates skin all day long. Conditioning oil combinations of jojoba seed, sweet almond and vitamin E, help to achieve hydrated, nourished and protected skin.


  • Top Notes: Orange + Peach 
  • Middle Notes: Cherry Blossom
  • Base Notes: White Jasmine


VIRGIN ORGANIC SHEA NUT BUTTER — The ultimate moisture magnet! Shea Butter deeply penetrates and works to quickly soften and smooth skin

SWEET ALMOND OIL — A hero for sensitive skin, this lightweight oil is primed with anti-inflammatory properties that calms and soothes irritation resulting in improved complexion and even tone.

JOJOBA OIL — Also known as the great defender! Jojoba oil is hailed for amazing qualities such as: protection from free-radicals, improved elasticity and hydration while boosting collagen.

VITAMIN E — A skincare staple that prevents dehydrated skin and seals moisture. Vitamin E secures around-the-clock hydration creating a luminous glow.

FRAGRANCE AND/OR ESSENTIAL OILS — Signature aromatic scents that distinguishes your aura and demands attention. Our scented fragrances remind you that you are the main attraction…

SIZE: 6 oz.


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